16.10 - Overview - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

Teradata Database
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June 2017
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You can use one or more of the following methods to check Teradata Database-related directory entries, either as a spot check upon completing directory setup, or later to investigate user problems.

Tool Usage
BTEQ or other Teradata client application Log on through a Teradata client application, such as BTEQ, to verify that their user credentials are set up correctly in the directory.
tdgssauth Use tdgssauth to test TDGSS security mechanism configurations on Unity servers and Teradata Database nodes. tdgssauth is used before bringing new configurations live, to test and correct authentication, authorization, and policy failures offline. It can test LDAP, Kerberos, and TDNEGO configurations.
tdsbind Use tdsbind to verify directory user mapping to Teradata Database users, roles, profiles, and IP filters, or to test edits to LDAP mechanism property values before using the run_tdgssconfig tool to create the TDGSSCONFIG.bin.
ldapsearch Use ldapsearch to examine directory user attributes when investigating the source of user problems.