16.10 - Database Privilege Types - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

Teradata Database
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June 2017
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All database privileges are either explicit or implicit.

Privilege Description
Implicit Privileges
Ownership Teradata Database grants implicit privileges on a database object to the owner of the space that contains the object.

See Ownership Privileges.

Explicit Privileges
Automatic When a user creates a database object, Teradata Database automatically grants privileges to:
  • The creator of the object
  • A newly created user or database

See Automatic Privileges.

GRANT You can GRANT privileges:
  • Directly to a user or database
  • To a role, then GRANT membership in the role to one or more users
  • To an external role, then map the role to one or more groups of directory users

See Working with User Privileges in the Database.

Inherited Privileges that a user acquires indirectly:
Assigned Security constraints define user access to table rows protected by a corresponding security constraint column.

You can assign the security constraints in a CONSTRAINT object to a: