16.10 - Restricted Access to Statistics in DBC Views - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

Teradata Database
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June 2017
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English (United States)

Accessing DBC views that contain statistics data normally requires only PUBLIC privileges. However, because users might possibly derive protected information about row level security tables from statistics data, access to statistics on row level security tables is restricted.

The following views do not return statistics information for row level security tables:

  • DBC.ColumnStatsV
  • DBC.IndexStatsV
  • DBC.MultiColumnStatsV

To provide convenient access to statistics on row level security tables, users having OVERRIDE SELECT CONSTRAINT privileges on the DBC.StatsTbl table can create custom views.

The DBC.StatsTbl.StatsType column carries a value of P (protected) to identify tables that have the statistics restrictions.