16.10 - Using Tdsbind Syntax - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

Teradata Database
June 2017

Run tdsbind from the Teradata Database command prompt. Enter the tdsbind options needed for your test, for example:

su - teradata
tdsbind [-u  dir_user  | -U  td_user] –option  value  -option  value...

The following rules apply when using tdsbind:

  • Become the teradata user (su - teradata) if the system is configured for CA certificates as part of setting up SSL/TLS. This causes tdsbind to run under the Linux user teradata instead of root, which accurately represents how the system processes authentication when CA certificates are present. Also see SSL/TLS Protection Options.
  • You can specify tdsbind options in any order, but they must be separated by spaces.
  • The input is case sensitive, for example, the meaning of -u is completely different than -U.
  • Options that have a corresponding LDAP mechanism property, for example -B (LdapBaseFQDN) are deprecated, although still usable. Where possible, use -O to specify the corresponding LDAP property values in a space-separated list instead of using the individual deprecated options.
    If you simultaneously specify an LDAP property value in the -O option, for example LdapBaseFQDN, and also specify the corresponding standalone option (-B), tdsbind fails.