16.10 - About System-Generated Users - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Security Administration

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June 2017
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The database automatically creates system-level database users during initial system setup:

  • User DBC (the master administrative user) performs the initial steps for database setup and maintains the data dictionary tables.
  • PUBLIC, the default user identity, has a set of privileges that are available to all users, primarily the SELECT privilege on most Data Dictionary views.
  • Other system-generated users, such as SystemFE, perform automated system-level tasks in the database. You can optionally configure system users to perform additional tasks.

Installing or upgrading to Release14.0 automatically creates a new Linux user group and user, and grants the new user access permissions to run certain OS-level processes required by Teradata Database. You may need to manually grant additional OS permissions to the Teradata user and other administrative users. Also see Working with OS-Level Security Options.