16.10 - Working with Logon Variations by Application - Teradata Database

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June 2017
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The method for specifying logon parameters varies among applications.

  • For Teradata Tools and Utilities applications:
    • Interactive applications such as BTEQ allow specification of logon parameters on the command line. See About Network Logons.
    • Scripted applications such as Teradata Parallel Transporter allow specification of logon parameters as operator attributes or preset variables.
    • ODBC and JDBC based applications allow setting of some or all logon parameters as part of initial configuration of the associated driver.
    • GUI applications allow specification or change of logon parameters as part of connecting to the database.
  • For third-party applications:
    • Set logon parameters in the application (varies by application).
    • Set up the application logon user, and optionally set up trusted sessions to identify and authorize application end users as individuals. See Working with Middle-Tier Application Users.