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June 2017
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The DBC.SessionTbl logs information about each session conducted in the database. This table contains columns with directory related information.

  • The LDAP column denotes how the user for a given session is mapped. The column displays one of these options:
    • "P" appears for sessions of a directory user mapped to a permanent database user. This includes auto provisioned users because they are permanent database users.
    • "X" appears for sessions of a directory user not mapped to a permanent database user.
    • "N" appears for sessions that do not involve directory-based users, so they are not externally authenticated.
  • The UserName column displays the username for a given session. For a directory user, the username is the authcid, the logon username by which the directory authenticates the user.
  • The AuthUser column displays a URL that includes the directory and the user DN, for example:

    In the event users in different directories have the same name, the logged user can be isolated back to a specific directory.

For further information about the DBC.SessionTbl, see Data Dictionary.