15.00 - Restarting a Paused Teradata MultiLoad Job - MultiLoad

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Restarting a Paused Teradata MultiLoad Job

A paused Teradata MultiLoad job is one that was halted, before completing, during the acquisition phase of the Teradata MultiLoad operation. The paused condition can be intentional, or the result of a system failure or error condition.

Pause a Teradata MultiLoad job intentionally by using a PAUSE ACQUISITION command between the BEGIN MLOAD command and the END MLOAD command in the Teradata MultiLoad job script.

Unintentional conditions that can pause a Teradata MultiLoad job include:

  • A Teradata MultiLoad job script error
  • An unrecoverable I/O error
  • A down AMP recovery
  • A Teradata Database restart
  • A Teradata Database system reconfiguration
  • A job abort or client system failure
  • The following topics describe the various pause conditions, the factors affecting Teradata MultiLoad restart operations, and, where appropriate, the procedure for restarting the Teradata MultiLoad job.


    If a Teradata MultiLoad job is aborted during the data acquisition phase and erroneously restarts the job with different data, Teradata MultiLoad does not recognize that the new data is not valid. Ensure that the same data is used to avoid corrupting the target table.

    There is a data signature included in checkpoint information. That data signature is validated during a restart and may result in new errors at the beginning of a restart.