15.00 - Abort Termination - MultiLoad

Teradata MultiLoad Reference

Programming Reference

Abort Termination

The procedure for aborting a Teradata MultiLoad job depends on whether the utility is running on a network-attached or a mainframe-attached client system.

To abort a Teradata MultiLoad job running on a network-attached client system

✔ Press the Control + C key combination three times on the workstation keyboard.

Note: Some session(s) of the aborted Teradata MultiLoad job may remain active until the gateway time-out period expires. Error “2574 Operation not allowed: %DBID.%FSTR is being MLoaded.” may occur if the same Teradata MultiLoad job is resubmitted within the time-out period. If this happens, wait until the gateway time out has expired before resubmitting the same Teradata MultiLoad job.

To abort a Teradata MultiLoad job running on a mainframe-attached client system

✔ Cancel the job from the client system console.