15.00 - After a Job Abort or Client System Failure - MultiLoad

Teradata MultiLoad Reference

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After a Job Abort or Client System Failure

Restarting a Teradata MultiLoad job that was either aborted or stopped after a client system failure or restart depends on whether the Teradata MultiLoad job stopped during the application phase.

  • If the job was stopped before or after the application phase, then restart the Teradata MultiLoad job as is, with no changes to the job script. Teradata MultiLoad uses the entries in the restart log table to determine its stopping point and resumes processing there.
  • The BEGIN MLOAD command is the first step in a multiple-step job. If commands are re-executed that modify tables or databases involved in the Teradata MultiLoad job, they can become corrupted.

    Note: Do not modify or drop the Teradata MultiLoad restart log table or any of the work tables or error tables before restarting the Teradata MultiLoad job.

  • If the job was stopped during the application phase, restart the job and let it run to completion. First, resolve the problem associated with the Teradata MultiLoad job abort or client system failure, and then restart the Teradata MultiLoad job.
  • Note, however, that the restart procedure depends on the severity of the situation that stopped the job:

  • If the restart log table has been dropped, use the CREATE TABLE statement to create a new one, and use the OVERRIDE parameter to resubmit the Teradata MultiLoad job, as in the following z/OS example:
  • If any of the target tables, work tables, or error tables are missing or corrupted, drop the target tables from Teradata Database and restore them from backup files. In this case, also drop the remaining work tables, error tables, and restart log tables, and then resubmit the Teradata MultiLoad job as a new job.
  • If the Teradata MultiLoad job script has been lost, use the following abbreviated script to restart the job:
  • .LOGON tdpid/userid/password;
    .LOGTABLE logtablename;
    .BEGIN MLOAD . . . ;

    The BEGIN MLOAD command must identify all of the target tables, work tables, and error tables of the original job, and they must all be intact and not corrupted. When submitting the abbreviated script, Teradata MultiLoad uses the checkpoint markers in the work tables to restart the task at the point it stopped in the application phase.