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Terminating Teradata MultiLoad

This section covers methods of termination and other topics related to terminating Teradata MultiLoad.

The following are ways to terminate Teradata MultiLoad.

  • Normal Termination
  • Abort Termination
  • Either way ends the Teradata MultiLoad sessions and logs off Teradata Database. A normal termination, however, does so in an orderly, controlled fashion, and returns messages indicating the status of the Teradata MultiLoad job. An abort termination does not.


    If a Teradata MultiLoad job is aborted during the data acquisition phase and inadvertently restart the job with different data, Teradata MultiLoad does not recognize that this new data is not valid. Make sure the same data is used to avoid corrupting the target table.

    Note: Make sure to terminate any pending or paused jobs prior to upgrading to a new release of Teradata Database. Database upgrades can effect changes to the Teradata MultiLoad worktable, if a pending job created using a different release restarts after an upgrade, errors might result.