15.12 - Adding a New Teradata Driver Definition - Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio Express User Guide

Teradata Studio
August 2016
User Guide
  1. Open the New Connection Profile wizard.
  2. Select Teradata from the list of Connection Profile Types and enter a Name for the connection profile.
  3. [Optional] Type a Description.
  4. Click Next.
  5. To add a new driver definition, click .
    1. Select the Teradata External JDBC Driver template.
    2. In Driver name, type a unique name for the driver definition.
    3. On the JAR List tab, add the list of Teradata JDBC Driver JARs. To locate your Teradata JDBC Driver JAR files on the file system, click Add Jar/Zip.
    4. On the Properties tab, edit the JDBC driver properties.
    5. Click OK to save your new Teradata Driver definition and return to the New Teradata Connection Profile wizard.