15.12 - Specify a Driver and Connection Details - Teradata Studio

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August 2016
User Guide

The Specify a Driver and Connection Details dialog enables you to specify the JDBC information required to connect to an instance of an Aster database. The dialog shows the connection properties that define the Connection Profile.

Properties include:
  • Database server name, port, and name of database to which to connect
  • User name and password required to access the Aster database defined in the profile
  • JDBC connection properties
  • Options for caching database files and deleting cache files
  • Options for opening the connection to the database

Connection Properties

Option Description
Select a driver from the drop-down The Aster Embedded JDBC Driver Default template is selected as the default JDBC driver template. If you wish to create a new Aster JDBC driver template, click the asterisk button () to add a driver definition.
Database Server Name Name of the database server that hosts the Aster Database.
User Name Aster database user name used to connect to the database server.
Password Password required to access the Aster database defined in this Connection Profile.
Port Number Port number to use for the Aster database server.
Database Name Name of the default database. Your connection requires that a default database be set when a user logs on.
Save Password Select the Save Password check box if you want the password saved.

If this option is not selected, you are required to enter a password each time a connection to the database is made. The password you entered in the Password field is valid for each workbench session and is not affected by this check box.

JDBC Connection Properties

The JDBC Connection Profile list is blank until you add a property. Use the buttons on the right-side to add, remove, clear, save, and reset properties in the list.

Property Actions

You can perform these actions for the JDBC connection properties you define.

Button Description
Add Add JDBC connection properties to the list of JDBC Connection Properties:
Remove Remove properties from the list of JDBC Connection Properties by selecting the property and clicking Remove. The property is immediately removed from the list.
Clear All Click to clear the entire list of connection properties.
Save Properties Click to save the properties listed in the JDBC Connection Properties list. The Save Properties feature overrides the default connection properties supplied for a new connection profile, and saves the list you created.
Reset to Defaults Click to set properties to the default values. If you have saved your properties, and therefore, overridden the system defaults, the Save Properties values are used as your default values.
Cache Properties Click to configure schema cache properties. This action opens the Schema Cache Properties dialog. See Caching Aster Schemas.
Delete Cache Files Click to delete cached files. See Deleting Aster Cache Files.

Connection Actions

You can verify that the information defined in the Connection Profile connects to the desired Aster database.

Option Description
Test Connection Click to test the connection. A message box appears stating the ping either succeeded or failed. Click OK to close the message.
Connect when the wizard completes Select the check box if you want to connect to the database when you click Finish.
Connect every time the workbench is started Select the check box if you want to automatically connect to the database when the application is started.