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ST_GEOMETRY can represent any of the following geospatial types that are defined in the ANSI/ISO SQL Multimedia and Application Packages standard. A column of type ST_Geometry can contain any of these geospatial types:

  • GeometryCollection
  • GeoSequence
  • LineString
  • MultiLineString
  • MultiPoint
  • MultiPolygon
  • Point
  • Polygon
  • Note that the GeoSequence type is a Teradata extension to the ANSI/ISO standard.

    Because ST_GEOMETRY is based on the BLOB type, it is defined with a maximum size, as measured by its well‑known binary representation, of 16 MB.


    IF the geometry is …

    THEN the data is stored …

     10,000 bytes

    within the row.

    > 10,000 bytes

    outside the row as a BLOB, with an in‑row OID pointing to it (see “Object Identifier Columns” on page 725).

    Teradata Database reserves space within the row for an additional 44 bytes of metadata whether the spatial object is stored within or outside the row.

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