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Benefits of Autocompression

  • Default for column partitions. If you change the default to NO AUTO COMPRESS or you specify NO AUTO COMPRESS for the column partitioning, you can specify AUTO COMPRESS for a column partition to have that column partition autocompressed.
  • Teradata Database can choose to apply multiple autocompression methods from a list of available techniques depending on their effectiveness for a given column partition (note that currently there are no available techniques for column partitions with ROW format).
  • Reduces I/O overhead if the data can be compressed.
  • Teradata Database only needs to decompress autocompressed column partition values that are accessed, and decompression is automatically done with typically very little performance overhead when they are retrieved.
  • Easily combined with null, multivalue, algorithmic, row, block‑level, and temperature‑based block‑level compression.
  • System‑wide default AUTO COMPRESS or NO AUTO COMPRESS setting is controlled by the AutoCompressDefault cost profile constant.
  • Has no effect on table header size.