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Valuable Information and Time

The value of information is often inversely proportional to the length of time required to derive it.

As the following graphic illustrates, the more sophisticated the analysis, the less expected the answers obtained. More explicitly, this principle can be stated as the more complex the query, the more likely that heretofore unknown information hidden in the data is revealed.

Sophisticated explorations of the data universe might take longer to produce results, but when those results are finally produced, they are invaluable to the business. A quick response is a minimal requirement for simple queries, but such queries rarely provide a business-critical response, and designing a database to ensure nothing but quick responses is the quickest path to failure for your data warehouse project. Teradata Database parallel architecture ensures that all queries are answered in an optimal time frame.

Your data warehouse can be a source of unimaginable information richness, but only if it is designed with the thought that any possible question, no matter how involved or abstract, should be possible to answer as readily as a simple query.