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Born To Be Parallel

Goals of a Teradata Data Warehouse

  • A large capacity, parallel processing database machine with thousands of MIPS capable of storing terabytes of total user data and billions of rows in a single table.
  • Fault tolerance, with no single point of failure, to ensure data integrity.
  • Redundant network connectivity to ensure system throughput.
  • Manageable, scalable growth.
  • A fully relational database management system using a standard, non‑proprietary access language.
  • Faster response times than any competing relational database management systems.
  • A centralized shared information architecture in which a single version of the truth is presented to users.
  • There is a difference between a single version (or source) of the truth and a single view of the truth. It is quite possible, and often very necessary, to have multiple views of the truth, but these multiple views should all be based on a single version of the truth if they are to be relied upon for decision making.

    Among the fundamental aspects of Teradata parallelism are:

  • “Data Placement to Support Parallel Processing”
  • “Intelligent Internodal Communication”
  • “Request Parallelism”
  • “Synchronization of Parallel Operations”