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Allocating PERM, TEMP, and Spool Space

Use the CREATE USER statement to allocate all the PERM space required by the applications that support your enterprise to user SysAdmin. To determine these space requirements, use the equations provided in “Calculating Total PERM Space Requirements” on page 798.

Note: If the Data Dictionary and the Crashdumps user have not yet been created, run the DIP utility and then check the remaining PERM allocation before completing space calculations.

The quantity of space specified is allocated from the current PERM space of user DBC. DBC becomes the owner of the SysAdmin user and of all users and databases subsequently created. Be sure to leave enough space in DBC to accommodate the growth of system tables and logs and the WAL log.

Some guidelines for estimating temporary spool and WAL log space requirements are explained in the following subsections.

Note that the containing database or user of a global temporary table must also have a minimum of 512 bytes of PERM space free for the GTT table header.