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Rules for Upsert_Database

Note that Upsert_Database objects are organized in such a way that the entire database can be archived in one operation. You can also archive Query_Database in the same operation if you choose to do so.

The word upsert derives from update-insert and implicitly refers to delete as well.

Only Upsert_Profile users exclusively can perform the following functions against Upsert_Database:

  • CALL permitted stored procedures
  • DELETE rows in Tables_Database objects through views
  • EXECUTE permitted macros
  • INSERT rows into Tables_Database objects through views
  • SELECT rows from Tables_Database objects through views
  • UPDATE rows in Tables_Database objects through views
  • The database contains only views, stored procedure definitions, and macros that permit an end user to perform the following actions on Tables_Database objects indirectly.

  • DELETE rows
  • INSERT rows
  • SELECT rows
  • UPDATE rows
  • GRANT privileges on database objects