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Intelligent Internodal Communication

Internodal Communication Over the BYNET

Suboptimal use of any resource quickly affects the other components of an MPP system because of the number of tasks parallel operations can spawn. This is equally true of the internodal communication network that supports the operations of Teradata Database, the BYNET.

All aspects of Teradata Database architecture were designed with parallelism in mind, and the hash‑based row distribution and AMP‑local processing described in “Data Placement to Support Parallel Processing” on page 26 work hand‑in‑hand with the BYNET to optimize parallel processing. By colocating prospective joined rows on the same AMP and then processing tasks involving them directly on and by the AMP, BYNET traffic is minimized.

The following graphic diagrams the BYNET for a 64 node Teradata system configuration. Each system node has multiple BYNET paths to every other node in the system.