16.10 - Ad-Hoc Creation of DBC.Crashdumps with DIPCRASH - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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Sometimes you may want to run the DIPCRASH script from the DIP utility because the script may not have been properly run and set up during system installation.

To verify that Crashdumps exists, submit the following statement:


If the database table exists but contains no data, the following message appears:

Empty HELP information returned.

If the database table does not exist, an error message appears warning you that the table does not exist. If you want to create the database table, run the DIP utility and execute the DIPCRASH script.

You can start the DIP utility from the Supervisor window of DBW.

Make sure DBC has enough space to create Crashdumps and still retain enough for a maximum-sized transient journal plus overhead.

The amount of PERM space allocated to Crashdumps is deducted from the currently available space of user DBC.

For instructions on running DIP, see “Database Initialization Program (DIP)” in Utilities.