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April 2018
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Use the Debug screen of the ctl utility to verify Teradata crashdumps control settings. The Debug fields should read as the following table describes.

ctl Field Name Value Purpose
Save Dumps Off Although the default setting for this field in On, which enables the automatic transfer of Teradata crashdumps from the dump directory to DBC.Crashdumps database, it is a best practice to set this field to Off.

It is a best practice to set this field to Off because allowing the system to automatically save crashdumps can be resource intensive. You can manually save the crashdumps if you need to by using the -force option of CSP. For more information, see Manually Saving Teradata Crashdumps.

Maximum Dumps 5 Set the maximum number of raw PDE dumps per node that the system will save on the dump directory. This includes snapshot dumps.
  • The value of -1 means that the number of dumps is limited only by the space available on the disk containing the dump directory. This is not recommended.
  • A value of 0 means no dumps will be saved.
  • The default is 5.

If the maximum value has been reach and another dump occurs, the latest dump is not captured and an error message is printed to the messages log.

Snapshot Crash Off A snapshot dump logs information about a recoverable error without requiring the system to restart.

This field should only be changed under the direction of Teradata support personnel for diagnosing errors.