16.10 - Performance Information in DBQL Tables - Teradata Database

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April 2018
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English (United States)
DBQL Table Performance Management Information
DBQLogTbl Data on individual queries, including:
  • Query origination, start, stop, and other timings
  • CPU and logical I/O usage
  • Error codes
  • SQL (truncated)
  • Step counts
DBQLSummaryTbl A summary of short-running queries.

For high-volume queries, it provides query origination, response time summaries, query counts, and CPU and logical I/O usage.

DBQLStepTbl Query step timings, CPU and I/O usage, row counts, and step actions, among other things
DBQLObjTbl Usage information about database objects such as tables, columns, indexes, and databases.
DBQLSqlTbl The complete SQL text.
DBQLExplainTbl EXPLAIN output.
DBQLXMLTbl Query plans stored in Extensible Markup Language (XML).