17.10 - CPU Utilization - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Workload Management

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Workload Management
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July 2021
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The system event CPU Utilization is based on the system-wide average of node CPU percent busy on the TASM/TIWM event interval. CPU Utilization indicates whether the system can do more work or if it is at peak capacity.

TASM uses the CPU Utilization event to act when the system is notably idle or busy for a qualifying period. See the following examples:
  • If sustained system CPU > 95% for 15 minutes: Set the health condition to Yellow, which reduces lower-priority workload throttle limits.
  • If sustained CPU < 50% (low system CPU utilization) for 20 minutes: Send a Post to QTable:notification to DBC.SystemQTbl to tell applications to execute background-type work.

Teradata recommends using the Averaging qualification to distinguish between temporary and persistent utilization. Averaging smooths out the peaks and valleys of CPU utilization patterns typical during a week.