17.10 - AWT Wait Time - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Workload Management

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Workload Management
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July 2021
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The AWT Wait Time workload event detects if a workload is delayed when it tries to use an AWT. Different automated actions are appropriate for this event, depending on the workload and the length of the delay. Longer delays are okay for lower-priority work, but almost no delay is acceptable for Tactical work. For example, consider the following events and actions:
  • If a Tactical workload is delayed by more than 200 msec
    • Change the health condition, which results in a state that tightens throttles on non-critical work.
  • Detect when AWT Wait Time exceeds 5 seconds for high-priority workloads, 20 seconds for normal-priority workloads, and 5 minutes for low-priority workloads.
    • Change the health condition or just alert the DBA, depending on the workload priority.