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A workload event is something unplanned in a workload, such as too many active requests. You may want to be notified of the event without triggering other actions. However, you can use a workload event as a trigger for changing to a different health condition, which can trigger a state change. For example, select Active Requests as the event type and set a limit for the number of requests that can be active at one time. When the limit is reached, the workload event triggers a change in the health condition.

To create a workload event, edit the state matrix directly or add to Available Events on the Define and Map Unplanned Events step in the Setup Wizard on the States view.

Teradata recommends that DBAs create workload events only for critical workloads.

To create an event that only sends out a notification, create the event but do not assign it to a health condition. When the event occurs, it triggers TASM to send the notification you specify.

When a workload has defined events, it cannot be deleted until the events are deleted.