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July 2021
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This table describes situations where each function can impact workload and provides the related table operator names to use with TASM.
Serial Number Function When Function Impacts Workload Table Operator Name for TASM
1 NaiveBayesPredict As model size increases. NAIVEBAYESPREDICT
2 DecisionTreePredict As model size increases. DECISIONTREEPREDICT
3 DecisionForestPredict As model size increases. DECISIONFORESTPREDICT
4 GLMPredict As model size increases. GLMPREDICT
5 SVMSparsePredict As model size increases. SVMSPARSEPREDICT
6 NaiveBayesTextClassifierPredict As model size increases.

As input table partition size increases.

When ModelType is Bernoulli.


(Note * at end.)

7 MovingAverage When MAvgType is simple, triangular, or weighted: As window size and number of target columns increase. MOVINGAVERAGE
8 NGramSplitter As gram size and document size increase. NGRAMSPLITTER
9 Pack As number of input columns increases. PACK
10 StringSimilarity As string size increases. STRINGSIMILARITY
11 Unpack Not applicable UNPACK
12 Antiselect Not applicable ANTISELECT
13 nPath When input data partition is huge and number of ON clauses increases.

When Mode is NONOVERLAPPING and Pattern includes end anchor operator ($) but not start anchor operator (^).

When Mode is OVERLAPPING, and Pattern does not include start anchor operator.

When first symbol in Pattern can match infinite number of input rows.

When conditions are imposed using Filter.

14 Attribution As partition size or WindowSize increases. ATTRIBUTION
15 Sessionize Not applicable SESSIONIZE