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To manage user expectations about request response times, you can specify a minimum response time for a workload. TASM prevents requests from responding before the specified time. By delaying the return of their answer sets, minimum response times protect users from developing unrealistic expectations in situations where fast response times are temporary, such as on a lightly loaded, recently upgraded system. In Viewpoint, configure the minimum response time on the Hold Query Responses tab when you create or edit a workload.

Another scenario in which minimum response times are useful is when capacity is added to a system. Without a minimum response time, some users could see a big boost in response speed and start submitting more work. The extra work would consume capacity ahead of plan. A minimum response time would hold response speed to historical expectations and prevent users from loading the system with less important work.

Minimum response times are primarily useful for requests with Service Level Goals, where consistency is expected and users notice and care about elapsed times. Minimum response times are not available for Tactical workloads.