17.10 - SLG Throughput - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Workload Management

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July 2021
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The workload event type SLG Throughput detects when a workload misses SLG throughput goals. There are typically two causes of missed throughput goals:
  • System overload: If Arrivals> SLG Throughput, the cause is system overload. The system cannot keep up with requests arriving in the workload, and competing workloads may slow down throughput even more. Only system overload triggers the SLG Throughput event in TASM.
  • Under-demand: If Arrivals< = SLG Throughput, the workload missed the SLG because it is not busy enough. An almost idle system can still miss SLG Throughput, so qualify the SLG Throughput event with Arrivals > SLG Throughput.