2.10 - Configuring the Hive Connector for Use with LLAP - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
September 2019
User Guide
PrerequisiteConfigure Hive for LLAP. Configuration includes a step to enable the HiveServer Interactive service.
  1. Set the Hive Execution Engine connector property to TEZ.
  2. Configure the Server connector property to the node running the HiveServer Interactive service.
  3. Set the Port connector property to the HiveServer Interactive port.
  4. If custom hive-interactive-site values exist that could impact the JDBC connection string, do the following:
    1. Add the HiveServer Interactive configuration directory to the Conf File Paths. Typically, Conf File Paths parameter settings on a connector configured to use a single driver node that is also the node running HiveServer Interactive looks like the following:

      /etc/hadoop/conf/etc, /etc/hive/conf, /etc/hive2/conf

    2. For each driver node that is not the HiveServer Interactive host, copy the HiveServer Interactive hive-site.xml file to each driver node into a directory that appears at the end of the Conf File Paths connector property.
      Each driver node directory must contain at least one file with llap in the filename so QueryGrid can recognize the directory as containing the HiveServer Interactive configuration information.