2.10 - Teradata Connector Limitations - Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata® QueryGrid™ Installation and User Guide

Teradata QueryGrid
September 2019
User Guide
The following limitations affect use of Teradata connectors with Teradata QueryGrid:
  • Dataset CSV storage is not supported.
  • Transaction semantics between systems is not supported.

    After data has been exported and committed to a remote system, any subsequent errors or aborts on the local system do not roll back the remote request.

  • Use of the Returns clause is not supported for Teradata-to-Teradata links.
  • Teradata QueryGrid does not collect query metrics (such as CPU usage) for remote Teradata queries. The remote server sends the SessionID/QueryID through a data execution channel but is not available for Metadata/Help/Explain queries.
  • User mapping with remote user authentication works only for the INVOKER security model.
  • When using EXPORT clause queries, the LOB UDT data type cannot be exported if no LOB/LOB UDTs are imported in the FOREIGN TABLE query.
  • The EXPORT clause does not support char/varchar with the Kanji1 character set.
  • Date literals used in WHERE clauses are not converted to the time zone of the remote system if the remote system time zone is different from the initiator system time zone.
  • The maximum size supported for BLOB and CLOB is less than 2GB (2,097,088,000).
  • The maximum size of VARCHAR is 64k.
  • The temporary database name, NVP, is not supported on Teradata Database version 15.10. Temporary tables and views are created in the default database assigned to the user.
  • A maximum of 8 Teradata connector properties can be overridden during an individual session for a foreign server.
  • The maximum query band length supported is 1024 bytes.