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Account String Expansion (ASE) is a mechanism that enables AMP usage and I/O statistics to be collected. ASE supports performance monitoring for an account string.

The system stores the accumulated statistics for a user/account string pair as a row in DBC.Acctg table in the Data Dictionary. You can use the DBC.AMPUsageV view to access this information.

Each user/account string pair results in a new set of statistics and an additional row. You can use this information in capacity planning or in charge back and accounting software.

At the finest granularity, ASE can generate a summary row for each SQL request. You can also direct ASE to generate a row for each user, each session, or for an aggregation of the daily activity for a user.

ASE permits you to use substitution variables to include date and time information in the account id portion of a user logon string. The system inserts actual values for the variables at Teradata SQL execution time.