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Teradata Database Introduction to Teradata

Teradata Database
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Teradata Database software resides on the platform and implements the relational database environment. The platform software includes the following functional modules.


This module…


Database Window

a tool that you can use to control the operation of Teradata Database.

Teradata Gateway

communications support.

The Gateway software validates messages from clients that generate sessions over the network and it controls encryption.

Parallel Data Extensions (PDE)

a software interface layer that lies between the operating system and database. PDE enables the database to operate in a parallel environment.

For more information about PDE, see “Parallel Database Extensions” on page 50.

Teradata Database management software

the following modules:

  • Parsing Engine (PE)
  • Access module processor (AMP)
  • Teradata Database file system
  • For more information about Teradata Database file system, see “Teradata Database File System” on page 51.