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Teradata Database is always in one of several states. You can monitor these states using the QUERY STATE command from the DBW Supervisor window.

The following table lists the valid system states.


System State


Database is not running

Teradata Database has not been started; it cannot be accessed from a client or used for processing.

Database Startup

Teradata Database is undergoing startup processing and is not yet ready to accept requests.

Logons are disabled - Users are logged on

No new sessions can log on, but existing sessions are still logged on.

Logons are disabled - The system is quiescent

Logons are disabled and no sessions are logged on.

Logons are enabled - Users are logged on

New sessions can log on and work is in process.

Logons are enabled - The system is quiescent

Logons are enabled, but no sessions are logged on.

Only user DBC Logons are enabled

Only new DBC sessions can log on and work is in process.

RECONFIG is running

Reconfiguration is being run.

System is operational without PEs - Sessions are not allowed

Either there are no PEs configured into the system or all PEs are offline/down.

TABLEINIT is running

Database startup has detected that there are no tables on the system and is running TABLEINIT to create the system tables.

This usually occurs during the next system restart after a SYSINIT.