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An SQL stored procedure contains some or all of the following elements.


This element…


SQL control statements

nested or non-nested compound statements.

Control declarations

  • Condition handlers in DECLARE HANDLER statements for completion and exception conditions. Conditional handlers can be:
  • CONTINUE or EXIT type.
  • Defined for a specific SQLSTATE code, the generic exception condition SQLEXCEPTION, or generic completion conditions NOT FOUND and SQLWARNING.
  • Cursor declarations in DECLARE CURSOR statements or in FOR iteration statements.
  • Cursors can be either updatable or read only type.

    Cursors can also be result set cursors for returning the result of a SELECT statement executed in the stored procedure to the caller or client applications

  • Local variable declarations in DECLARE statements.
  • SQL transaction statements

    DDL, DCL, DML, and SELECT statements, including dynamic SQL statements, with a few exceptions.

    LOCKING modifiers

    with all supported SQL statements except CALL.


    bracketed and simple comments.

    Note: Nested bracketed comments are not allowed.

    For more information, see “SQL Stored Procedures as SQL Applications” on page 98.