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Teradata Database Introduction to Teradata

Teradata Database
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TDP manages communications between Teradata CLIv2 for mainframe-attached systems and the Teradata Database server. TDP executes on the same mainframe as Teradata CLIv2 for mainframe-attached systems, but runs as a different job or virtual machine. Although an individual TDP is associated with one logical server, any number of TDPs may operate and be simultaneously accessed by Teradata CLIv2 for mainframe-attached systems on the same mainframe. Each TDP is referred to by an application using an identifier called the TDPid that is unique in a mainframe; for example, TDP2.

Functions of TDP include:

  • Session initiation and termination
  • Logging, verification, recovery, and restart
  • Physical input to and output from the server, including session balancing and queue maintenance
  • Security