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Some Data Dictionary views may be restricted to special types of users, while others are accessible by all users. The database administrator controls access to views by granting privileges. The following table defines the information needs of various types of users.


This type of user…

Needs to know…


  • Objects to which the user has access
  • Types of access available to the user
  • The privileges the user has granted to other users
  • Supervisory

  • How to create and organize databases
  • How to monitor space usage
  • How to define new users
  • How to allocate access privileges
  • How to create indexes
  • How to perform archiving operations
  • Database administrator

  • Performance
  • Status and statistics
  • Errors
  • Accounting
  • Security administrator

  • Access logging rules generated by the execution of BEGIN LOGGING statements
  • Results of access checking events, logged as specified by the access logging rules
  • Operations and Recovery Control

    Archive and recovery activities