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Teradata Database Introduction to Teradata

Teradata Database
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You must ensure that your database can keep pace with changing requirements and the addition of new users and business applications. Teradata Database has a rich collection of tools and facilities to control database operation, administration, and maintenance.

The following table describes database management tools and what each tool provides.


This tool for workstation-attached clients…


Teradata Administrator

an interface that you can use to perform database administration tasks.

Teradata Query Scheduler (QS)

a means to manage requests input to Teradata Database and keep the database running at optimum performance levels. The product consists of client, platform, and administrator components, plus a separate database within Teradata Database.

Teradata SQL Assistant

a means of information storage, manipulation, and discovery in Teradata Database (or other database that provides an ODBC interface). Teradata SQL Assistant also supports connectivity using .NET Data Provider for Teradata.

Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition runs on any platform that supports Java. It can connect to any JDBC-compliant database.

Teradata Studio

an interface that includes the functionality of Teradata Administrator and Teradata SQL Assistant.