Communication Cabling for Dell/EMC Data Domain 6800 and 9300 Storage Systems - BAR Hardware Disks

Dell EMC Data Domain 6800 and 9300 for Teradata® Setup and Configuration Guide

BAR Hardware Disks
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July 2021
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Connect the management port on the rear of the DD6800/DD9300 to the customer's network. The customer network, in turn, connects to the Teradata network in a secure manner. This allows the following communication:

  • Teradata Server Management can monitor the Data Domain Storage System through a connection to the customer's network.
  • The Dell/EMC Storage System communicates with Dell/EMC monitoring systems (ASUP and ESRS) that are outside the customer's network by automatically sending support logs for troubleshooting and fault detection.

The Data Domain Storage System requires a dedicated ethernet port for Server Management SNMP monitoring.

BAR Storage Communication Connections

The ports used for EMC monitoring systems by the customer network are identified in the Chassis Port Reference at the end of this document.