Accessing the Data Domain Webpage - BAR Hardware Disks

Dell EMC Data Domain 6800 and 9300 for Teradata® Setup and Configuration Guide

BAR Hardware Disks
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July 2021
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Use the Data Domain webpage to configure SNMP and to configure the SNMP trap.
  1. Select the disk array from the Server Management Tree View.
  2. Connect to the array controller module:
    1. In the Server Management Client Tree View, select the Disk Array.
    2. Select Functions > Connect.
    3. On the Connect dialog box, select Http, and then click Ok.
      The Data Domain System Manager login screen displays.
  3. Sign in when prompted by the Data Domain screen.
    1. For the user name, enter sysadmin.
    2. For the password, use either the serial number of the controller, or the password assigned by the facility.