15.10 - GRAPHIC Character Set - Teradata Database

Teradata Database International Character Set Support

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The GRAPHIC server character set is designed for IBM DB2 compatibility.

GRAPHIC is a canonical character set. Data stored as GRAPHIC can be shared among heterogeneous clients.

GRAPHIC supports multibyte characters from the defined Graphic repertoire of the following character sets:

  • KanjiEBCDIC
  • KanjiSJIS_0S
  • KanjiEUC_0U
  • Characters stored as type GRAPHIC cannot be any of the following:

  • Halfwidth Japanese
  • Various special characters
  • GRAPHIC data is encoded as Unicode. Because of this, GRAPHIC data from Teradata Database releases prior to V2R3.0 must be migrated to the V2R3.0 server character set.

    GRAPHIC is designed to support client character sets where excluding non-double-byte characters is desired. This is not true of UTF8, Chinese, or Korean.

    Moreover, the GRAPHIC pad character is three bytes in UTF8 so that standard padding techniques cannot be used.

    For these reasons, the GRAPHIC server character set is not compatible with UTF8, Chinese, or Korean sessions.

    You can specify GRAPHIC as the character set for a table column, but not as the default character set for a user.

    For details about the GRAPHIC server character set, see SQL Data Types and Literals.