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Teradata Database International Character Set Support

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This character set is based on the IBM Japanese Extended Katakana character set.

Under this character set, character data types support mixed single- and multibyte characters.

This character set includes:

  • Single-byte characters from code page 290.
  • Multibyte characters from code page 300.
  • For a list of valid and not valid characters in object names, see “Object Names” on page 31.

    KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I supports the same characters as KANJIEBCDIC5035_0I, differing only in the encoding of lowercase Latin letters and Hankaku Katakana characters.

    Lowercase characters in KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I occur in different positions than in EBCDIC. This means that lowercase characters are misinterpreted on input and garbled on output if the incorrect client character is chosen.


    For more information on …

    See …

    the IBM Japanese Extended Katakana character set on which KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I is based

    “EBCDIC Japanese Extended Katakana Character Set” on page 156.

    the character set on which double-byte characters in KANJIEBCDIC5026_0I are based

    “EBCDIC Kanji Character Set” on page 159.