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The KANJISJIS server character set is designed for Japanese applications that rely on the semantics of KanjiSJIS for characteristics such as string length and physical space allocation.

KANJISJIS is a canonical character set. Data stored as KANJISJIS can be shared among heterogeneous clients.

KANJISJIS supports mixed single and multibyte characters and its form-of-use is identical with that of its client character set analog.

Storage space for this server character set is allocated on a byte basis rather than a character basis. This means that updates to a column defined as KANJISJIS can truncate because of this physical space.

SQL string manipulations of KANJISJIS data operate on a logical character basis and are performed by means of temporary conversion to Unicode. For this reason, KANJISJIS strings are limited to 32000 characters.

For details about the KANJISJIS server character set, see SQL Data Types and Literals.