15.00 - Archiving an HP-UX Package - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for HP-UX Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
March 2014
This example archives the bteq package and its dependencies that are required for the deployment of bteq to HP-UX clients. The package and dependencies are copied from the installation media, archived as a tar file, and compressed. The compressed archive can be copied to HP-UX machines and expanded. The example assumes that you run the archiving script on a 32-bit Windows system on which tar.exe and gzip.exe are installed.
  1. Run the script with hp-ux as the value of the platform parameter and bteq as the value of the product name:

    D:\tar_teradata_client_packages hp-ux bteq

    A screen similar to the following appears:
    *             Tar Teradata Client Packages v.               *
    Load/Unload - Volume 2
    Platform: HP-UX
    Default Path and Output File:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\teradata-client-hp-ux-load-unload-volume-2.tar
    Hit [Enter] to accept the path: "C:\Documents and Settings\username",
    or input a different save directory : "C:\Documents and Settings\username"
    Output File "C:\Documents and Settings\username\teradata-client-hp-ux-load-unload-volume-2.tar"
    ---Archiving setup files and dependency packages for hp-ux
    tar cvf "C:\Documents and Settings\username\teradata-client-hp-ux-load-unload-volume-2.tar" HPUX\TeraGSS*
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/ia64/pkginfo.txt 1 block
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/ia64/TeraGSS_hpux-ia64_15.00.00.00.depot 164540 blocks
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/ia64/TeraGSS_hpux-ia64_15.00.00.00.psf 3 blocks
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/pa32/pkginfo.txt 1 block
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/pa32/TeraGSS_hpux-pa32_15.00.00.00.depot 114340 blocks
    a HP-UX/TeraGSS/pa32/TeraGSS_hpux-pa32_15.00.00.00.psf 3 blocks
    tar rvf "C:\Documents and Settings\username\teradata-client-hp-ux-load-unload-volume-2.tar" HP-UX\tdicu*
    tar: blocksize = 20
    a HP-UX/tdicu/ia64/swagent.log 3 blocks
    a HP-UX/tdicu/ia64/tdicu1500/tdicu1500/opt/teradata/client/15.00/tdicu/
    lib/libicudatatd.so.46.0 16206 blocks
    a HP-UX/tdicu/ia64/tdicu1500/tdicu1500/opt/teradata/client/15.00/tdicu/
    lib/libicui18ntd.so.46.0 24941 blocks
    a HP-UX/tdicu/ia64/tdicu1500/tdicu1500/opt/teradata/client/15.00/tdicu/
    lib/libicuiotd.so.46.0 773 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/swlock 0 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/INDEX 9 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/bteq1500/INFO 4 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/bteq1500/INDEX 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/bteq1500/postinstall 10 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/bteq1500/postremove 5 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/bteq1500/preinstall 11 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/INFO 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/INDEX 8 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/README 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/_ACL 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/_LOCK_FILE 0 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/bteq1500/pfiles/_OWNER 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/INFO 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/INDEX 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/_ACL 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/_PROD_DFLT_ACL 1 block
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/_LOCK_FILE 0 blocks
    a HP-UX/bteq/pa32/catalog/dfiles/_OWNER 1 block
    The file has been saved at :
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\teradata-client-hp-ux-load-unload-volume-2.tar.gz