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Teradata® Package for R Function Reference

Teradata Package for R
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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The function evaluates the PCA model created by td_pca_valib() and generates an output XML string in result tbl_teradata.


td_pca_evaluator_valib(model, data, ...)



Required Argument.
Specifies the input containing the PCA model to use in evaluation. This must be the "result" tbl_teradata generated by td_pca_valib() or a tbl_teradata created on a table generated by 'factor' function from Vantage Analytic Library.


Required Argument.
Specifies the input data used to evaluate the PCA model.
Types: tbl_teradata


Specifies other arguments supported by the function as described in the 'Other Arguments' section.


Function returns an object of class "td_pca_evaluator_valib" which is a named list containing object of class "tbl_teradata".cr Named list member can be referenced directly with the "$" operator using name: result.

Other Arguments


Optional Argument.
Specifies one or more different columns for the primary index of the result output tbl_teradata. By default, the primary index columns of the result output tbl_teradata are the primary index columns of the input tbl_teradata "data". In addition, the columns specified in this argument need to form a unique key for the result output tbl_teradata. Otherwise, there are more than one score for a given observation.
Types: character OR vector of Strings (character)


Optional Argument.
Specifies one or more columns from the "data" tbl_teradata that can be passed to the result output tbl_teradata.
Types: character OR vector of Strings (character)


# Notes:
#   1. To execute Vantage Analytic Library functions, set option 'val.install.location' to
#      the database name where Vantage analytic library functions are installed.
#   2. Datasets used in these examples can be loaded using Vantage Analytic Library installer.

# Set the option 'val.install.location'.
options(val.install.location = "SYSLIB")

# Get remote data source connection.
con <- td_get_context()$connection

# Create an object of class "tbl_teradata".
df <- tbl(con, "customer")

# Run PCA() on columns "age", "income", "years_with_bank" and "nbr_children".
pca_obj <- td_pca_valib(data=df,
                    columns=c("age", "years_with_bank", "nbr_children", "income"))

# Evaluate the PCA model created in the above step.
obj <- td_pca_evaluator_valib(data=df,
                         accumulate=c("age", "years_with_bank", "nbr_children"))

# Print the results.