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April 2021
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Console is not available in Vantage 2.2.2, but is available in Vantage 2.2.1.

Typically used by DBAs and Cloud Administrators, the Console offers features to manage Teradata Vantage systems. It is accessible from Vantage App Launcher.

Console is not a monitoring tool and its features are unrelated to Teradata Viewpoint.

You can do the following in Console:

  • View site and instance information
  • View remaining TCore-Hours, which are refreshed once an hour
  • Start or stop the system
  • Adjust system elasticity by scaling up, scaling down, scaling out, and scaling in
  • View the CPU and Disk % utilization for your site. The graph represents an idea of how data displays.
  • Create an additional Amazon S3 bucket policy to access your Amazon S3 bucket if stricter security is required (typically done by your Cloud Administrator).
  • Open and monitor incidents