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Teradata Vantage
Teradata Vantage on AWS
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April 2021
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Vantage App Launcher provides access to Teradata Vantage applications, other products, and more. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

These applications are not available in Vantage 2.2.2, but are available in Vantage 2.2.1.
Interface Option Description More Info
Analyst Use Vantage Analyst to create analytic workflows and rules allowing you to create repeatable and operationalized processes. Use Path to visually explore event data, identify patterns, and reveal customer journeys and behaviors. See Vantage Analyst. Various guided tours and in-product help are available in Vantage Analyst.
Editor Use Editor to run SQL queries, upload data, download results, and browse object stores. See Editor. Various guided tours are available in Editor.
Console View site information, adjust system elasticity, start and stop your system, open support incidents, and more. See Console. View in-product help in Console.
Jupyter Create Jupyter notebooks to write and execute SQL or Python code. See Jupyter.
View Tutorial Videos Watch short videos about available features in Teradata Vantage.