2.05 - User Quick Start - Teradata Listener

Teradata® Listener™ User Guide

Teradata Listener
March 2019
User Guide
Task Considerations and Dependencies
Add a REST or MQTT source. Before Listener can ingest REST or MQTT data, you must create a source, then a target.
Add and start a target. Before creating a target, make sure the administrator created a system.

Only a source owner or administrator can create a target for a source.

The target type and configuration determine how Listener writes data to a destination system.
  • Teradata targets can be configured to use a JDBC driver or Teradata QueryGrid to write data.

    If you select QueryGrid and save the target, you cannot clear the QueryGrid selection when editing the target. You must create a new target.

  • HDFS and HBase targets write data in sequence file format to the specified directory.
  • Aster targets use JDBC to write data.

If you lock a target, you cannot edit or delete it. You must unlock a target to edit or delete it.

Add a broadcast stream target. A broadcast stream is a type of target that enables you to connect source data to external apps through a WebSocket server end-point.

Only a source owner or administrator can create a broadcast stream for a source.

When you create a broadcast stream, the stream starts automatically.