2.05 - Bad Records for Teradata Targets - Teradata Listener

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Teradata Listener
March 2019
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A bad record, or dead letter, is a message the target destination rejects. A bad record can occur for different reasons, including an invalid payload format or a data type that is incompatible with the destination. Listener supports bad records for Teradata systems that are not using QueryGrid.

If an associated target contains dead-letter records, only an administrator can view the source details in the UI. Use the Get a Source API to retrieve the source details.

Listener provides the following bad record behavior options in Target Options:
Option Description
Stop writer Stops the writer and generates an alert event and error message.
Retain bad records and continue processing Retains a queue of bad records and continues streaming data to the target without pausing.

When a bad record occurs, Listener displays a button in the Listener Overview, Source Overview, and Manage Targets that indicates the number of bad records for the target and that opens the Bad Records list.

For example:

From the Listener UI, you can view a sample of bad records (up to 50) for the target and download a JSON-encoded text file of sample bad records for the target. Through the Retrieve Dead-Letter Records REST API you can get all bad records. From both the UI and API, you can delete all bad records.