2.05 - LDAP Setting Object - Teradata Listener

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March 2019
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Properties used to define a LDAP setting object are as follows:

Property Type Example Description
base_dn string ou=Users,DC=ldap,DC=web,DC=com LDAP compliant Base DN for performing searches.
email_field string mail Map LDAP property for user email.
encryption string tls Encryption method for connecting to the LDAP server: tls or none.
member_of_field string memberOf Map LDAP property for user member field.
name string my LDAP server Custom name of LDAP server.
name_field string display_name Map LDAP property for user name.
port int 389 LDAP server port.
search_pass string secret123 Password of search user. Returns encrypted value.
search_user string cn=ab123456,ou=Users,DC=ldap,DC=web,DC=com Full DN of user who is used to search.
server string ldap.web.com LDAP server address.
test_cn string ip123456 Test user name to validate connection. Not returned by API or stored.
validate_ssl bool false Option to validate LDAP encryption certificate.